Faster access to Watch History updated to YouTube for Android

YouTube for Android updated with faster way to access watch history

YouTube for Android

YouTube for Android is finally working on a dark theme, as well as an Incognito mode. Those features are still in development, but in the meantime the latest version of the app is rolling out with an easier way to view your play history.

With version 13.03.58, which began widely rolling out yesterday, the fifth Library tab gets a bit of a redesign and a handful of new features. To compliment the existing “History” list, there is now a carousel of your “Recent” videos.

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Users can scroll back through approximately 13 of their last watched videos, with a convenient thumbnail view. Meanwhile, the overflow menu allows you to directly remove the video from your watch history, as well as Add to Watch later, Add to playlist, and share.

This update also contains another tweak to “Watch later.” Specifically, the menu item notes how many videos on that list are unwatched.

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