Google Photos will now allow users pick pictures as favourites

Google has announced the addition of a new feature to roll out to its Photos app soon, allowing users to now mark their pictures as favourites. This is coming after there must have been a lot of requests for such a feature.

Made public via its official Twitter account, the update is expected to start hitting units worldwide anytime from next week. For now, we know that marking your preferred images as favourites is as clean as doing so on every other interface.

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You will have to open the desired picture in ffull-screenmode and tap on a Star icon at the uppermost right corner. To view those images you have marked, you will find a dedicated album under the Albums tab.

Asides that, Google also made it known that users will be given the option to like the photos other users share with them soon. This ‘Like’ feature will be in form of a Heart button.

There is no other information on newer updates to expect, but these are exciting to look forward to nonetheless.


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