OnePlus 7 could be the first 5G smartphone to launch in the US

OnePlus would be very satisfied with its immensely successful OnePlus 6 flagship, it seems that works has started already on the next-gen of OnePlus device by the Chinese smartphone maker which it plans to launch next year which might be called OnePlus 7 and could be the first 5G smartphone to launch in US.

OnePlus 7 could be the first 5G smartphone to launch in the US

As per reports this device, which is most likely be called the OnePlus 7, will come in mid-2019 and it is believed to have a feature that is only going to make the desirable than before.

According to some trusted sources, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai that OnePlus is working with at least one US mobile carrier for launching the first 5G smartphone sometime next year. The report states that due to OnePlus’ strong connection with Qualcomm, the smartphone maker could in fact be the very first to unveil a 5G compatible smartphone in the country and possibly around the world.

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Now Pete Lau hasn’t mentioned in the report if the phone be branded as the OnePlus 7, but we are assuming that based on the naming cycle, that is what the device will be called.

A 5G compatible OnePlus smartphone alongside the device’s incredible performance would make this a breakthrough OnePlus device for sure.
The other important point to notice here is the mobile carrier with whom OnePlus plans to strike a deal.

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In the US nearly all smartphones are sold by the major mobile carriers and they run only on the specific carrier’s network. If the deal between OnePlus and the un-named mobile carrier is successful, then the next gen OnePlus device will be the first OnePlus device sold via a mobile carrier. The major mobile carriers in the US include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and more.

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This has so far been the only confirmed information we have about the OnePlus device launching next year.

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